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Kefalonia by Andy
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Tagging a Loggerhead sea turtle 

Argostoli, Kefalonia, Greece. June 2015.

My wife sat on the harbour wall with her legs dangling over the side, we were waiting for are first sighting of a turtle. The turtles are especially active when fishing boats arrive because the feed on the discarded fish catch. We were both looking out to sea and did not expect what happened next, without little movement in the water two just emerged from the depths of the harbour one almost under my wife's feet. It was the most magical moments of our holiday, they seem to make eye contact and we did not expect them to be so large. My Wifes first words were "oh my god" after that they were just chasing each other swimming in circles and having a good time. The first two turtles were soon joined by others. I was told that some of the turtles stay around the harbour all year and some are visitors, it was so nice to see them in the wild.

Next members from a local turtle and conservation group arrived called Wildlife Sense. Somehow one of the members just snorkelling in the harbour caught a large female turtle. It was carried into a waiting box where it was checked, tagged and measured and its wound on it neck photographed which was though would heal.  I felt moved by seeing so many young people caring so much about these beautiful gentle creatures of the ocean. The pregnant girl in charge who was very knowledgeable made sure every member of her young group was hands on, doing something, I was very impressed by Wildlife Sense group. They did put hazard warning tape around the turtle box, but were swamped with Tourists and locals with camera and phones wanting to see the turtle. The group were very tolerant with onlookers even finding time to answer questions from the public. They knew most of the turtles individually and were concerned about one of the turtles caught in fishing line, later found out that one of the local fishermen cut the line from the turtle.

Text from their website

Wildlife Sense is a sea turtle research & conservation organization based on the beautiful island of Kefalonia, Greece. Our mission is to protect endangered sea turtles and their natural habitats, offer a unique learning experience to the volunteers who join our efforts, and promote public awareness. To achieve our goals, we operate a science-based research and conservation project on the island, in collaboration with local and national authorities.