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Lime Hawk by Andy
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Lime Hawk Moth  (Mimas Tiliae)

A very attractive moth with scalloped-edged forewings mainly green with pinkish markings. I reared hundreds of these hawk moths when I was younger releasing some and selling to collectors and butterfly farms seeing so many of these beautiful moths freshly emerged at the same time is something I shall never forget.  Moths are on the wing from May till June. Common in forests woods and suburban habitats like the avenues of lime trees in Eastleigh, Hampshire near where I live. Most of these trees have concrete close to the tree trunks. Unfortunately the full gown larvae often wonder along pavements looking for somewhere to burrow in the earth this is when some get trodden on or fall down drains or picked up by birds. Many full-grown larvae have been handed to me this way over the years. The larvae also feed on birch, alder and other deciduous trees. The easiest way to obtain this species if you do not have a moth trap is purchasing from a butterfly farm or insect stockist on websites where they are always available. The Lime hawk moth is a lovely moth to rear.

Lime Hawk450hCNS3