Ladybirds Andy
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Harlequin Ladybirds hibernating on a parasol.

(Harmonia Axyridis)

A friend told me about a cluster of ladybirds hibernating in his garage, one year he found them in a large circle in the fold of his parasol. And another time he opened his parasol and was showered with ladybirds. So when he found them again I asked if I could film them. When we looked it was not a circle cluster more of a square but still the most ladybirds I have filmed. They were found on the outside fold of the parasol. I was very quick only taking a few pictures because if you disturb them too much with no aphids around to feed they could starve and die. I was asked how do they get together in one place? Probably by scent however they do it I think it very clever.

Nikon D5000, Sigma 105 Macro lens.   1/200 f16.  ISO: 200.  Integral Flash. 06/12/13.

Location: Southampton, Hampshire.

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