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Jumping Spider Andy

Zebra Spider (Salticus Scenicus)

I often see these amazing spiders in my house in the summer months after they have entered an open window or found climbing up and down our house wall looking for prey. Sometimes even running across our patio table with fast short jerky movements. As with all jumping spiders they have an excellent stereo vision with a pair of large forward pointing eyes, it stalks its prey slowly at first and then pounces with a jump. These small spiders are extremely alert and very agile; they are able to watch any movement around them with there excellent vision. I often tease them with a soft paintbrush watching them turn at all angles as they follow it. Their large eyes are also used to find a mate.

It gets its name from the black and white stripes along its abdomen. Although a small spider, they can jump some distance up to 100mm to capture prey or avoid any predators.
The black females grow up to 7mm and the brown males grow to 6mm both with white stripes.

Jumping Spider550h8039

Zebra Spider with prey.

This Zebra spider was discovered on the side of my house, it must have been quite a battle because if you look closely the moth's wings have lost a large patch of scales which are now covering the spider's legs. I wish I had photographed the attack from the beginning as the spider would have stalked and then jumped on the moth which was probably resting on the bricks on my house.