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Indian Wolf Spider feeding on a sliced pototo

Indian Wolf Spider (Lycosa sp)

Wolf Spiders are always interesting to keep, these have large eyes that glow in the dark like cats eyes when I shine my torch into my vivarium at night. These are pictures of a male  I paid 20 for a female to breed them but the female died three days later which was very disappointing but this male is very healthy.  Andy Newman Images©

Vegetarian  Spider

One very interesting behavior from this spider is its liking for fresh-cut potato, I place the cut spuds in its enclosure for the small locusts and crickets. The spider goes looking for the potato and spends time eating it, well he digs his fangs into it. He is obviously drinking the moisture from the potato which has a lot of water in it, he must like the taste.  He always has a water dish with small stones, but I have never seen him drink he is healthy and changing skin OK. I have never seen this strange behavior before with any of my spiders, so far I have photographed him drinking the moisture on the spud through the plastic container. I would not have believed a spider would do this, but the more you learn the more you realise just how clever these animals are. Possibly in the wild in a hot climate, some species feed on plant juices, or my spider is a mad veggie Spider. Andy Newman© 30/10/10.