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Hybrid Hawk by Andy

Poplar Hawk Female mating with a Eyed Hawk moth Male.

Hybrid Larvae

Hybrid Hawk Moth (Smerinthus Hybrius)

Hybrids - To produce hybrids in captivity you should have a opposite sex of the same species in a nearby cage. Well, I had a large number hatching in the same cage and I just left them alone to see what would happen. The following morning there were a few pairings between a female Poplar Hawk and a Male Eyed Hawk. If a female Eyed Hawk was mating with a Male Poplar Hawk the resulting larvae would have to be carefully cut out the eggs with a razor blade. Because the Eyed Hawk eggs are smaller the larvae outgrow its space, these also have a different Latin name.

Hybrid Moth (Half Male Half Female)

Hybrid Moth

Hybrid Pupae

Many of the eggs from the Poplar hawk female were infertile but some did hatch I reared the larvae successfully to the adult moths. Some of the resulting moths was Gynandromorphs half female and half male. As my photograph clearly shows it is female on the left with the thin antenna and the male on the right. There have been reports of some hybrids occurring in the wild naturally, which I suppose is possible as they do sometimes feed on the same food-plants many entomologists try breeding different hybrids and many of these are well known. Although I have now some very interesting pictures the resulting sterile moths I bred had a mixture of both species. The resulting moths to me were a disappointment with too many abnormalities the moths also not as colorful as the original parents. Which I think proves you just cannot improve the beauty of Nature.