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House Spider Andy

Male House Spider

House Spider (Tegenria Gigantea)

I think with House Spiders people either like them or hate them, many people have told me over the years that they either stamp on them or suck them up in the hoover, which must be a very long death for a spider and a shame as they can live for many years. It would be much kinder to capture it with a glass and release it in the garden. I admit compared to smaller spiders found in the house they do look scary, when my daughter was younger she would scream and demand that a house spider in her bedroom was removed before she could sleep. I would pick it up with my bare hands grit my teeth and run which some friends found funny, give me one of my large tarantulas to hold any day.

A House spider would rather try and escape without biting even though they have quite large fangs that can penetrate human skin. I always tell people that these spiders will eat cockroaches or bugs that come out in the night to feast on your blood; they keep your house clean. Once when watching TV with the lights out I noticed two large House Spiders running up and down on the carpet at speed, they were running towards each other and at the last second running the other way, it looked quite amusing to watch.  I can only think it was two males sizing each other up.  My Golden Retriever dog would often chase one very fast which was funny as the spiders would always out dodge him. The female will tolerate the male but it is known that she will eat him when he dies because as usual, the males do not live so long. They can be found in any location not just houses, garages, sheds, factories. I even filmed one large spider being attacked by a spider wasp at Studland bay on some sand dunes. I think we are lucky to share our homes with such a fascinating creature, they have a complex and long life which makes them interesting and worth observing in peace.

There is a house spider living on the side of my vivarium in my summerhouse, it has made a large hammock style web leading to a long funnel where it hides. It is in the best location because when I feed my tarantulas the crickets occasionally escape and the house spider detects them very quickly, running out at speed attacking even the largest of my crickets dragging its prey into its hide. I do not always want to give away my crickets it's now almost a game who can grab the escaped cricket first, it is usually the very fast house spider. It had better not enter into my vivarium of tarantulas though or it could become lunch.

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