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Giant Green Pink Toe Tarantula (Avicularia Kwitara)

This spider is becoming more colourful each time it changes its skin, looking forward to taking pictures when it is full-grown.
As it is an arboreal Tarantula I have mine in an Exo Terra Terrarium with a large artificial plant the leaves are hanging from the roof. Sometimes I see the spider resting on the side of the glass or the artificial bark at the back of the tank. It also spins a small silk bed amongst the leaves. I have crickets wandering around and this spider captures them at an incredible speed and will take large mealworms from long tweezers. Soon I will change to a taller tank, as tree spiders require more height than floor space, although I have a water dish I lightly spray the enclosure often. These lovely spiders are ok to keep for a beginner upwards and I find my spider very docile, but care must be taken when handling or their behaviour will change to nervous and skittish.

Temperature 27 to 30 C
Humidity 78 to 82%
Origin: Guyana - found along the Kwitara river near Brazil's border.
Lifestyle: Arboreal.
            Average Life Span: Male 3-7 Years Female: 6-15 Years Temperament: Docile and fast.

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