Green Hairstreak Butterflyl Andy
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Green Hairstreak Butterfly  (Callophrys rubi)

This Attractive butterfly is difficult to see in the wild as it has green under-wings that it keeps closed when settled. It gets its name from a hairstreak marking across its underwing. I only managed two pictures before it took flight again I could not follow it because of its rapid flight and its brilliant camouflage. I have photographed this butterfly before on the southern beaches of France.
The caterpillars which are woodlouse shape are cannibals because when they first hatch they will eat each other.  Food plant is Common Bird's-foot-trefoil, Common Rock-rose, Broom, Gorse and many other plants. A lovely butterfly which I would like to photograph again especially with its wing open. The larvae pupate in leaf litter in August and adult butterflies can be seen on the wing from May till June.

FujiFilm S1 Pro. 1/200 F11, Sigma 105mm Macro lens. Integral flash. 14/05/2012