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Gooty Andy

Young juvenile 3cm.

Gooty Sapphire Ornamental Tarantula (Poecilotheria Metallica)

One of the most beautiful tarantulas and the spider most tarantula keepers want, including me. As usual for my photography I only wanted one. But after watching my spider grow so fast for a small sling showing more of its famous blue colouring on every skin change.

The Gooty tarantula was originally discovered in railway timber yard in a town called gooty in southern India but was not until over 100 years it was rediscovered in forests between Nandyal and Giddalur in 2001.

As you can see from my pictures even as a young spider it is quite stunning to look at with its striking markings of metallic blue colouring broken with white and yellow markings. You will not forget this spider after you have seen one.

It is important to keep the correct temperature and humidity with this species so I reared my young spider in different size plastic sweet jars brought from the web, with air holes drilled. And have a large jar ready and I have brought air vents to fit in the sides. I am keeping moist substrate on the floor with moss on top and cork logs for it to hide, although the spider is on show most of the time as my vivarium is dark lit and warmed by red lights. I also have a Digital LCD Hygrometer Humidity and Temperature Thermometer it has a probe that I have fixed to the lid. So I can accurately monitor and control the humidity and temperature inside the spiders' enclosure. Being an arboreal species I fix the water dish high fixed to twigs also helps to keep the humidity high. Some keepers use hot glue to fix a water dish but I use clip-on bird feeder bowl for budgies which can be brought from most pet shops.

 These spiders have always been quite expensive to buy as an adults, upto 250 on the web. Although prices have come down and though captive breeding a small sling can now be brought for around 30, but usually sell out fast. And anyway my spider is maturing very fast.

Some people do handle these spiders but I would not recommend it as there venom is significantly strong, they can be aggressive and move incredibly fast when they want to. I am only handling my spider as a young juvenile and will not when it is an adult, not on purpose anyway.


Spiderling 2.5cm.

Temperature: 23 - 27C.

Humidity: 70 -80%

Habitat: Arboreal.

Growth rate: Fast.

Temperament: Skittish and fast.

Venom: Medically significant.

Size: 12-15cm.

Longevity: Females up to 15 years. Males up up to 4 years.

Origin: India.

Gooty Moult550h_1865

Gooty Tarantulas Exoskeleton

Interesting picture showing how my Gooty moulted out of its old skin with its large hooks on the end of its feet gripping the outside of its cork home. Holding its weight by two legs, I would have like to have filmed this but you should not disturb a spider during a moult it could be fatal or a crippled spider at least.

 I have kept the dried out moulted skin to confirm what sex my spider is. I will dip the skin in water and washing up liquid and then when the skin has soften lay it onto my light box to check the Spermathecae.