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Golden-Ringed Dragonfly Andy

Golden-Ringed Dragonfly

(Cordulegaster Boltonii)

Location: New Forest National Park  Date Taken: 24/07/04

Easy to identify with its black abdomen and striking yellow rings down the length of the abdomen which gives its name. It has bright green eyes which meet at the top and the female has the longest abdomen than any other dragonfly in the  UK.

A very attractive large dragonfly with powerful flight this dragonfly is common and can be found near streams. I often find them on edges of paths alongside rivers, they often pitch low to the ground. They are difficult to spot when pitched and usually take flight before you see them. I noticed this dragonfly above returning to its favourite resting spot over a small stream in New Forest so I rested my camera on the stream bank and waited for the dragonfly to return. If movements are slow you are able to get very close pictures of dragonflies this way as they seem to know you are not a threat. I always enjoy watching these dragonflies flying so much I sometimes forget I should be taking pictures.