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3cm Spiderling

Brazilian Giant White Knee Tarantula  (Acanthoscurria Geniculata)

This spider originates from the humid forests of Northern Brazil, I usually archive small spider pictures to show later when the spider has grown to an adult.  But just look at the beautiful marking of this spider of only 3cm it is already close to the adult markings. Which is white leg bands contrasting its black body with red abdominal hairs. This species has become quite popular in the hobby because of its attractive colouration and robust size. I have provided an artificial hide but it is already spending time outside. I have added a water bowl with small pebbles until it is older which is all the special care needed and it is a voracious eater as I found out capturing all its live food very quickly. They have to be handled with care as they will flick urticating hairs but do not usually bite. I will handle my spider frequently as it grows for very short periods of time if only to help with my photography. This hardy species is nice to keep as part of a collection or even suitable as a beginner's tarantula. Its contrasting colours and bulky size also make it nice display spider.

Temp: 24 to 28c.  Humidity: 75 to 80%.
Habitat: Terrestrial.
Origin: Humid forests of Northern Brazil.
Temperament: Semi-aggressive and nervous.
Size: 18 - 22cm. 
                                         Growth rate: Fast.                

Longevity: Males 3-5 years, Females 10-15 years.

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