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Giant Sequoia Trees (Giant Redwood)

Two of the largest giant sequoia in England reach in 50m although still growing. They were planted around 1860. They can live up to 3000 years old so these two trees are youngsters.  The people in some of my picture give it scale and show just how massive they are. The picture on the left showing my three children when young was taken in the Winter of 2004 and the picture on the right Summer of 2015.

I read one interesting story on the web how a man who is now over 91 years of age used to climb the giant redwood  trees in 1939. Whilst on his apprenticeship for Forestry in the New Forest during his lunch break. It took him and a friend  10 minutes to climb to the top where they could see the Isle of Wight and surrounding areas. Branches went right down to the ground in those days, now you would need a long ladder or rope.