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Amazonian Giant Centipede Andy
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Peruvian Or Amazonian  Giant Centipede    (Scolopendra Gigantea)

This is one of the scariest critters that I have ever had but very interesting, they can grow to a huge size up to 36cm in length. They are capable of very fast movement to escape and are very strong. This giant Centipede will tackle large prey such as birds, rats, mice, insects and will even enter caves to catch bats. The bite from its large claw-like fang around and under its head is very unpleasant and quite potent. As an example to its strength, I kept mine in a large tank with a metal gauze strip at the back for ventilation, like many cages you can now buy. Well, one night it climbed up and peeled back the metal in different directions until it created a round hole, large enough for it to escape, luckily it was in a vivarium and I found it the following morning resting on one of my tanks.

The picture of the Centipede on a black background is a scan from a flatbed scanner. I placed the live Centipede onto the scanner and a round plastic lid was placed over the top, as it would not keep still. It gives an unusual but interesting view from the underneath, and you can see clearly the large claw under its head. Any limbs lost in a battle with prey,  for example, is regenerated on its next skin change

Origin: Peru, Venezuela, Trinida, Tobago.

Temperature: 20-23c..Day - Cooler at night

Humidity: 65 to 75%.

Size: 36cm (12+”).

Temperament: Very Aggressive.