Garston Woods by Andy
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RSPB Garston Woods Nature Reserve, Dean lane, Sixpenny Handley Nr Shaftesbury.

Although this interest ancient woodland is not a large forest, I only had time to see half of it because I did not have to go far to take some nice pictures and ran out of time. It would have meant walking further and taking less pictures and I am not going to do that. So I will visit again, my pictures were mainly landscapes of the wild Garlic flowers, Bluebells and Early Purple Orchids and also a few test pictures though a crystal ball. I loved the smell of the Garlic flowers while being surrounded by the lovely sounds of the birds singing, enjoying spring in the forest. As you would expect for a RSPB Nature reserve it looks well managed and you do not have to wonder off the paths to see the flowers and wildlife. The only disaster was me burning a hole in my favorite jacket carrying my crystal ball in the forest and my wife telling me how much it cost when returning home, reminded me of being a kid again.  The roads to the Nature reserve was great fun in my sports car I cannot wait to return to this magical forest.