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Summer & Garden Chafer Beetle  Andy

Summer Chafer Beetle (Amphimallon Solstitialis)

Garden Chafer Beetle  (Phylloperta Horticola)

Summer Chafer belongs to the family of scarab beetles it looks like a maybug but it is smaller in size 18-20mm. Adult beetles can be seen from June/ July and feed on the leaves of trees and shrubs.  
The larvae which take two years to develop are treated as a pest because of damage was done to plant roots.

I was surprised how small this beetle is for a chafer only 8-12mm. It has a metallic blue-green head and thorax with a chestnut brown wing case making it a very attractive beetle for its very small size. Adult beetles emerge in June/ July and can be seen in gardens, parks and woodlands feeding on flowers, roses and bushes. As with other Chafers gardeners treat them as pests especially the larvae which eat and damage the roots of grasses destroying turfs.
Birds and animals like the badger also damage lawns looking for the grubs to feed on.