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Fruit Beetle450w7333

Adult Sun beetle grubs.

Fruit Beetle450h8722

Adult Sun beetles.

Sun Beetle Andy
Fruit Beetle450w7327

Close-up of the head showing the grubs large mandibles (Jaws).

Fruit Beetle450w7497

Cut open cocoon showing the pupae and it old shed larvae skin.

African Sun Beetle  (Pachnoda marginata peregrina)

Fruit Beetle450w7334

Adult Sun beetle grub.

Fruit Beetle450h8718

Fruit beetles like these sun beetles are commonly brought as live food, especially as the grubs are quite large. Although I bought a tub for my spiders at my local reptile shop sold as live food I did not use them as it felt a bit cruel as the poor things are trying to mature to an adult beetle. So I filmed them instead and they keep breeding. The adult beetles do look impressive especially a large colony on display. The grubs can be kept in a moist substrate mix of dead leaves and rotten wood and fed fruit like apples and cat food. The beetles also like fresh fruit to eat. As the sun beetles as the name suggest like the sun and daylight the adult beetles do fly as I found out when filming as they instinctively unfold their wings to take off with a buzz.  The temperature should be between 25 and 30C which is the average temperate of my vivarium for my tarantulas where I am keeping my sun beetles.