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 Freebird Catermaran

On our Tenerife holiday we booked an excursion on Freebird Catamaran with Thomson travel agents on the 31/05/2014. We did see a few species of Dolphins and Whale, most interesting was this lovely Loggerhead Turtle found unnatural floating in the sea. A young member of the crew dived under the sick turtle to capture it and proudly brought it on board the yacht. The Turtle had one eye missing which should not be a problem but it had loads of parasites attached to it and an infection. A vet on board decided to take it back for some treatment from a local Turtle sanctuary hopefully the turtle can be released back into the wild in the future.

The captain was very knowledgeable on marine life and the crew were friendly. Later after dinner and drinks both yachts anchored in a secluded bay for swimming and snorkelling and later lowered their sails for a lovely quiet relaxing cruise back to port. We thought this was the best excursion of our holiday.

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