Fox by Andy
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Urban Foxes at sunrise.

Bishopstoke Hampshire, UK.

These beautiful foxes are urban foxes living on some waste ground surrounded by a housing estate, so taking pictures was not as difficult as you might think. In fact, some days filming they were more interested in laying in the sun than worried about me. knowing their den was protected by bramble bushes. They were more concerned about dogs barking in the neighborhood. Sometimes for my photography I would unprofessionally make a noise so they would look at me lookup with sleepy eyes, thinking it is only that mad human again and would go back to sleep. The best time to see and film the fox family was early morning or late afternoon, especially if it was sunny as the family was more active and the cubs very mischievous. When it was too hot during the day they would lay outside their den in the shade.

We would look forward to seeing the young clubs play-fighting sometimes over a squashed football or a child's doll.  Probably taken from a garden by the cubs, especially as no kids have access to the waste ground. Once my father-in-law noticed a row of feet hanging over his flat shed roof as the fox family and cubs slept.  Sometimes the foxes would bury unbroken chicken eggs in his flower garden to save for leaner times, food given to the foxes from neighbours. I witnessed this when a neighbour invited me round to see the foxes being fed in there back garden at dusk and it was not long before the foxes brought the cubs onto the lawn to feed on dishes provided. Foxes are famous for being cunning and never to miss an opportunity I remember when my kids were young we were night fishing along the beach at Lee-on-the-Solent in Hampshire when a crafty fox was seen pinching our ragworms from under our feet. I fed him a few more and some fish bait, not until I hid our bait under a rock the clever fox moved on to the next fishing group along the seashore. A work colleague who lived in a terraced house with her family in Southsea, Portsmouth, Hampshire, had a family of foxes living under there decking in the back garden and my colleague had dogs and cats any food scraps went to the foxes.  When they sold their house it was sold with foxes. I am always pleased to see a fox even when it switches security light at night in my back garden.

Even though fox hunting was outlawed with dogs in England and Wales from 2005, foxes are not legally protected, but they do not need it is one of the most adaptable animals in both habitat and the wide range of food they eat. Foxes can live up to 9 years of age, but the average is 3+ years in the wild.