Four-Spotted Chaser Dragonfly Andy
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Four-Spotted Chaser Dragonfly  (Libellula Quadrimaculata)

Easily recognizable from the four wing spots on the leading edges of its wings from which it gets its name. A very active dragonfly often chasing other dragonflies to protect their territory. I Photographed this dragonfly around a small acidic pond in the middle of heathland in the New Forest.  After filming I sat on the side of a hill overlooking the small pond with my dog and watched a battle with a Four-spotted Chaser and a broad-bodied dragonfly both seemed equal in immovability and speed chasing each in a spectacular dogfight over the heath. I could hear the noise of there wings clashing as they both passed me. Both returning to the same small pond, such skirmishes go on all day with dragonflies.

This dragonfly is common around ponds and lakes especially acid waters on the wing from May to August.