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La Fuente Magica de Montjuic.

The Magic Fountains of Barcelona.

If you can imagine this spectacular fountain display dancing with mixed music and changing colours all synchronised together, then you can get some idea just what a fantastic spectacle this is. The first performance was on May 1929 and built for the Great Universal Exhibition built in less than a year by over 3000 workers, the magic fountains were born located at the Plaza Espanya.

 It really is the most breathtaking and unforgettable experiences and the atmosphere was amazing with so many hundreds of people watching, many couples get engaged at the fountains and you can see why. A truly magical spectacle with the water and lights changing to the rhythm of the classical music. They even played Barcelona sung by Freddie Mercury, queen which is something I shall never forget.

It is well worth the visit and the wait till evening for this spectacle and highly recommended. I just could not stop taking pictures. The Magic Fountain shows are held every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the summer months. Enjoy as I did with my family.