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Flag Tail Centipede Andy
Flat Tailled Centipede350h3115 Tailled Centipede232h3535

Flag Tail Centipede (Pedeling)

A smaller Centipede species from Africa, which is more suitable for the novice keepers. The terminal legs are flattened like a feather and have been adapted to make a hissing noise by moving there tails. If my centipede feels threatened it sticks its tails out through the substrate and rattle’s them, which looks amusing, they can be kept communal.

Origin: Tanzania, Africa.

Temperature: 20-23c..Day - Cooler at night

Humidity: 60 to 70%.

Size: 10cm (4+”).

Temperament: Aggressive.

Flag Tail Centipede 9cm length.

Flat Tailled Centipede450w6133R

Flag Tail or Feather leg Centipede    (Alipes sp)

Tailled Centipede350w3561

Close-up of the strange flat tail of the Centipede.

Tailled Centipede350w3529

Flag Tail Centipede 9cm length.