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Arch from inside Farley Mount Monument, which has seats and shelter for travellers.

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Farley Mount Monument by Andy
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A family visiting Farley Mount Monument on Beacon Hill.

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Farley Mount Monument on Beacon Hill.

Man with his dog enjoying views of Hampshire from Beacon Hill.

Farley Mount, Hampshire UK - The Monument.

Farley Mount country park and its monument is named after a horse called "Beware Chalk Pit" The famous monument commemorates the horse which in 1733
the horse and its rider and owner Sir Paulet St. John, survived a fall into a 25ft chalk pit. A year later the horse named "Beware Chalk Pit" won the coveted Hunters' Cup on the Worthy Down, Winchester races.
The horse which died in 1740, is buried under the monument, which is built on top of a Bronze Age burial mound. Beacon hill name comes from a chain of beacons across the country to warn of possible invasion from France during the Napoleonic wars. From Beacon Hill there are lovely views across Hampshire and on a clear day you can see the New Forest,  Isle of Wight and the spire of Salisbury Cathedral.

Farley Mount Country Park.

Farley Mount is one of my favourite local places for photographing nature, there are many easy walks through Forestry Commission forests and nature reserves like Crabwood, which is an Ancient woodland and a Site of Special Scientific Interest. Farley Mount is a lovely place to visit for picnics, relaxing, walking and enjoying the large variety of wildlife. It is free to enter with plentiful car-parking spaces.

The chalk downs are one of the best places for seeing different species of butterflies and flowers. It has such a reputation for butterflies, I am often asked by book author's if I would be interested in photographing butterflies at Farley Mount, but I always reluctantly turn it down, because of other commitments.

Faley Text450h4393

The plaque on the wall inside the monument, commemorating a famous horse.

Faley Monument450h4414

30ft high Pyramid of Farley Mount Monument.