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False Black Widow Spider Andy
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False Black Widow Spider (Steatoda grossa)

On the 24/09/11 I found 12 False black widow spiders (Steatoda Grossa) hiding behind sheets of chipboard, between the black liner and the outer shed panels. all except two were adult females guarding their nests. I was expecting to find one or two as I had seen them before but not so many. I collected the females and placed them in containers with some baby crickets for food, all to be released later. This species of Black Widow is jet black with pale markings on the abdomen, very impressive looking they really do look like the famous Black Widows. I was impressed how strong their untidy silk threads (tangle webs)  are around their nests. Although scary looking these spiders are harmless and reports of bites are mostly exaggerated or from allergic reactions.

False Widow Grossa350w3323

False Black Widow Kills Garden Spider.

I had been watching one of my favourite garden spiders on a large web inside our greenhouse which has two panes of glass missing. Well on the 03/10/214 I was sad to see the large female garden spider which was almost full grown wrapped and being eaten by a black false widow spider. The garden spider which was double the size of the juvenile black widow was bleeding from puncher wounds. So although the garden spider was much larger it was no match for the more poisonous agile black widow.