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False Black Widow Spider Andy
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False Black Widow Spider (Steatoda nobilis)

On the 24/09/11 I was dismantling my old shed, I found 5 Nobilis False Black Widow Spiders and 12 (grossa) behind the sheets of chipboard. All the Nobilis were a smaller size so I collected the young spiders, feeding them crickets to film when the spiders were adults. The nests the large adult females made in my containers were made from very strong silk. I bought a few from Devon for filming 20 years ago, never expected to find them in my garden.

Exploring my fence in my long garden with a torch, every horizontal corner section of the fence is occupied with a female Nobilis and these all have a cream ringed marking around the front of the abdomen, unlike the spider above which I still think is a Nobilis. They are not doing any harm as they stay hidden during the day, just as well as they are probably one of the most poisonous spiders we have. The spider above was released onto my new summer house 03/11/11 Andy Newman.

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