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FujiFilm S1 Pro, 1/90 F9, Sigma 105mm Macro lens. 24/05/04.

Eyed Hawk by Andy

FujiFilm S1 Pro-Flash. 1/90 F11, Sigma 105mm Macro lens. 24/05/04.

Eyed Hawk Moth (Smerinthus Ocellata)

FujiFilm S1 Pro- flash. 1/110 F16, Sigma 105mm Macro lens. 15/08/03.

Eyed Hawk Moth Caterpillar, wild picture.

Eyed Hawk Moth Caterpillars, wild  picture taken side verge of M27 motorway. - Film Scan

This is a lovely moth and like the poplar hawk moth easy to rear when at rest the adult moth is very well camouflaged with brown and pinkish scalloped forewings.

When the eyed hawk is disturbed or provoked it flashes its hindwings to reveal its colourful blue and black 'eye' spots on a pink background. It also rocks its body up and down to frighten any predator. It has been proved in tests that this moth defence does put off some wild birds from eating it. The caterpillars are quite large and I quite often find them feeding higher than the poplar hawks on the same food plants and when feeding on sallow can be seen from a long distance away to a trained eye. Many of these sadly will have parasitic wasp larvae feeding inside the caterpillar but even this makes very interesting photography. (See parasitic larvae hatching from a live caterpillar in my insects section.)  I find the caterpillars feeding on sallow, willows and Poplar and they will also eat apple and aspen.

Eyed HawkCNS1 350h

Eyed Hawk Moth Pair. - Film Scan