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Exbury Gardens,  New Forest National Park, Hampshire, UK.

Exbury is my favorite gardens in the New Forest, it is a world famous 200 acre Rothschild Gardens. A beautiful place to visit any time of the year. I always enjoy seeing the rhododendrons and azaleas in flower. Easy paths winding through spectacular garden landscapes and suitable for all ages and disabilities. It is also a lovely place for families to picnic in the summer.

Dogs are also welcome kept under control, my dog did enjoy his Apple, Banana & Carrot Ice cream tub made especially for dogs, which cost more than our ice cream. Young children and my dog were fascinated by the huge koi and golden orfe carp which gather in large numbers hoping for a snack when you stand close to the edge of the ponds. Herons often visit the ponds also dragonflies and other wildlife.

There is also a Steam railway and station at Exbury, which covers one and a quarter mile which is a relaxing way to view the gardens. Play areas for children and tea rooms.

More details on there website. www.exbury.co.uk