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Emperor Moth Pair450h6447

Emperor moth pair.

Emperor Moth Pair 650w p

Emperor moth female left with smaller male right.

Emperor Moth (Saturnia Pavonia)

I often come across the empty cocoons of our only attractive British silk moth on the heaths in the New Forest National Park, the main food-plant being heather from which they feed. So I decide to buy some from a butterfly farm a few weeks later I was surprised to see larvae feeding on bramble along the side of a road near where I live. The males are day flying searching for females and they do not feed. The female flies at night looking for food plant to lay her eggs. As well as heather and bramble the moths feed on hazel, hawthorn and sallow.

Emperor Moths Mating450h.No6440

Emperor moths mating Pair.

Emperor Moth wings closed450w

Emperor moth female.

Emperor Moth Larvae450w6800

Very attractive exotic looking Emperor moth larvae.