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White Golden Retriever and New Forest Pony - Andy Newman Images©

Pony & Golden Retreiver

  Pony & Golden Retriever (Oscar)

New Forest,  Hampshire, UK.

 This is our second Golden Retriever sadly no longer with us, he would always sit next to me and wait when I was taking photographs. One day a white New Forest pony watched us from behind a fallen tree while I was taking pictures. Then to my surprise, the friendly pony walked around the tree to make friends with my dog. It was unusual because ponies are usually wary of dogs. Maybe it was because my dog was the same colour and calm and the pony was on its own in the forest and Oscar was always showing off. So by stopping to take some pictures of fungi, I ended up with a lovely collection of memorable photographs of two beautiful animals.

Andy Newman Images.

Pony & Golden Retreiver
Pony & Golden Retreiver