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Diamond Rattlesnake 550w8056

Western Diamondback Rattlesnake. (Crotalus atrox)   

The photograph was taken many years ago under a pet shop by Portsdown hill, Portsmouth, UK. The keeper locked the door after we entered the room which had vivariums all around filled with very poisonous snakes. While I was there he opened a box just arrived by post, another rattlesnake nobody wanted because one of its diamond patterns was out of position. Also, cobras were spitting at me behind the glass, if bitten by some of the snakes in his collection you would not make it to a hospital, he was one of a few with a license to own such dangerous reptiles at that time. This large rattlesnake was hand-reared and so not scared of humans. I could feel this intelligent looking snake staring at me when I was taking pictures, with the glass doors of the vivarium open. I asked him the striking range of this snake, which he replied was over 4 feet, so I asked him to shut the glass door as I did not want to get bitten by a snake again. This was my favorite in his collection, a lovely snake with beautiful markings. This photograph was framed and hung proudly in the pet shop.

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