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Dalyan Carpet Factory
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If you go on a Dalyan trip organised by Thompson the first visit is the Daylan carpet factory, it started with a interesting presentation. Then we all sat around a large room where they showed their colourful carpets, but it soon turns into a sales pitch with loads of salesmen trying to persuade you to purchase their very expensive carpets. A salesman overheard my wife telling me she liked one of the carpets and we were soon ushered on own into another room to look at more by a slightly pushy salesmen. I personally would have preferred to have spent more time at the turtle beach (next visit) and less time at the carpet factory, especially as we were all left waiting in the car park while two people were negotiating a purchase. That said if I could have afforded it I would have brought one of their carpets, especially as they deliver to your door, and they did allow me to take some nice pictures.

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