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Crab Spider Andy

Crab spiders are not afraid of tackling large prey such as a bumble bee,  Eastleigh, Hampshire, UK.

Crab Spider Waiting for prey

Crab Spider (Misumena Varia)

An interesting species that is shaped and even moves like a crab, they have eight eyes in two rows. The female crab spider can change its colour within a day to help blend into its surroundings, so finding a crab spider in the wild is not so easy as they are so well camouflaged. I often find these spiders by listening to the continuous sound of a large bee or fly in distress, which has been caught by the spider. Butterflies get captured when feeding on flowers and easier to find. Although small the crab spider is not afraid of tackling prey larger than itself. It uses its front two pairs of legs which are spiny to capture its prey and is a very patient successful hunter.

Camouflaged white as the flower petals Crab Spider eating prey, Photograph taken at Portsdown hill, Hampshire.