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Common Tick Andy

Wood Tick and batches of eggs

Adult Wood Tick

Common Wood Tick (Ixodes ricinus)

This soft tick was attached to my dog picked up in the New Forest which is a parasite that sucks blood from animals, humans and was always a problem with our long coated retriever. I always used a specialist tick-removal tool (which can be bought from pet shops or vets) to remove the ticks or the legs and head would be left under the skin. It is thought because of mild winters Ticks are becoming more common in the UK. After the female tick lays her batches of eggs she dies. I have filmed a common lizard with about a dozen ticks attached even though it is a cold-blooded reptile. But when the ticks grew larger they would fall off and wait to attach to a warm-blooded animal. Humans can get Lyme borreliosis disease and also Babesiosis and Ehrlichiosis from being bitten by ticks.