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Fuji S1 Pro, 1/108 f11, Sigma 105 Macro lens. Integral Flash, 26/04/09.

Common Lizard Texture

Film Scan.

Common Lizard (Zootoca Vivipara)

Location: New Forest National Park, Hampshire, UK.

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Fuji S1 Pro, 1/90 f13, Sigma 105 Macro lens. Integral Flash, 01/06/03.

Ticks under the leg of a Common Lizard.

Also known as the Viviparous lizard. I often see Common lizards when I go filming they can be found basking in the sunshine on there own or commonly with others from March till October. They hibernate during the winter months. I once filmed a Common lizard in Farley Mount, Hampshire, covered in Sheep ticks under the joints of each leg. I was surprised to see ticks feeding on a cold-blooded animal. Later I found out when the ticks are larger they fall off the unfortunate lizard and hope to find a warm-blooded animal to feed on. The lizard should not come to any harm and most lizards I have filmed since show ticks attached. Common lizards can lose their tails to avoid predator like a Slow Worm it does grow back, but to a shortened pointed stump. They can grow up to 15cm, pregnant females have to bask in the sunshine for the development of there young as she gives birth to live babies. Which are wriggling inside a thin membrane which they break with a sharp egg tooth, common lizards feed on a verity of insects.