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Cobalt Blue Baboon Spider (Haplopelma Lividum)

This female spider has a beautiful iridescent (electric) blue colour of the legs and the males are brown, it is also quite aggressive and bad-tempered which always makes interesting photography. The Burmese Blue spider can move very fast and is sadly the only Tarantula I have ever lost in my early years of keeping spiders, they have a reputation to be a very good escapologist. Spider tanks and vivariums are made better escape proof these days unless you leave the door open. Only recommended for advanced keepers.

I did hear some months later that an old man who lives top of my road got bitten by a Tarantula found in his compost heap, the spider escaping, coincident? it is the sort of warm place I would expect it to make a home. Lost a spider, not me mate, shhhhh

Origin:  Burma, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand..   
Temp: 26 to 28C.
Humidity: 75 to 85%
Temperament: Aggressive, nervous and fast.
Lifestyle: Terrestrial/ Burrower.
 Adult size: Up to 6 inches.

Growth rate: Fast.   Longevity: ?