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Chile Beautiful Pair Mating, which lasted half an hour.

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Juvenile Chile Beautiful Spider with a mealworm.

Chile Beautiful Tarantula  (Euathlus Truculentus)

  These lovely spiders are so much fun to handle and very docile and they even take food from my tweezers, rarely turning down food pouncing on it at speed. These colourful spiders have a metallic green carapace and femurs, the abdomen is covered in fluffy pink hair and red hair on the front of the abdomen. Common in Chile, can be found under rocks and living in walls so I have made some slate homes for my spiders.

Temp: 20 to 23C.   Humidity 65 to 70%.   Habitat: Terrestrial.   Origin: Chile.   Temperament: Docile.   Size: 12cm.

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This strange shaped organ on the tips of both pedipalps is used to pick up and store sperm. From a temporary hammock styled sperm web, which they destroy when finished. The embolus spur is then inserted into the female.