The Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula Andy
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Mature Juvenile/ Adult.

The Chilean Rose Hair Tarantula (Grammostola porteri)

A very popular tarantula and recommended as a first tarantula to own, due to it being very calm and easy to keep. My son kept one of these lovely spiders in his bedroom for many years when he was young. I keep my spider enclosure at the bottom of my vivarium which is slightly cooler which these spiders prefer. They usually stop feeding for a few months during Winter, which sometimes worries beginners to the hobby. But it is nothing to worry about so long as you keep a freshwater bowl and I still always offer food once a week but do not leave live food running around annoying the spider especially if it is not feeding before a moult. So what you have is a brilliant spider with a lovely temperament, so it will not bite or flick hair. Both sexes like to wander sometimes, males do anyway looking for females. I have a cork hide for my Chile but it usually rests on top, so it makes a nice display spider. The Rose Hair is greyish brown with pinkish-red hairs.

Adult size: 15+cm.

     Temperature  23 to 30C

 Humidity: 65 to 70%

 Habitat: Terrestrial.

Growth rate: Slow.

Longevity: Females up to 20+ years, males 3.5 years.

 Temperament: Very docile.

Origin:  Northern Chile.

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