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"Are you real" "do I chase you or lick you" 

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Golden Retreiver meets a Chihuahua.

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In the middle of Oludeniz street there was a large toy store and around the edge on the pavement was mechanical toys jumping about when we passed a very small dog jumped out, at first I thought it was one of the toys, it is the smallest dog I have ever seen. The lovely Golden Retriever spotted the small dog and his  expression on the retrievers face was hilariously funny. The tiny dog teased the retriever by running around in circles quite fast even through the retrievers legs. I started to take pictures and a large crowd gathered to watch the funny spectacle. In the end they both kissed noses, which I captured on the movie setting on my camera. The young boy who owns the toy store and the dog was concerned bout the large crowd and collected his dog.