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Great Green Bush Cricket Andy
Green Cricket Male3 450h

Bush Cricket male.

Green Cricket female1 450h

Bush Cricket female.

Great Green Bush Cricket (Tettigonia Viridissima)

The Great Green Bush Cricket is our largest native grasshopper and a species of Katydids. (See Katydid) You will hear the giant grasshopper/cricket long before you see them, and even then its difficult as they are brilliantly camouflaged in emerald green. The song from the males is very loud and continuous and can be heard a long distance especially on warm summer afternoons-evenings. I have also heard the females but the singing is very quiet when answering the males.

I often hear and see them hiding on bramble bushes on open fields and also hiding on thistle plants in a local field which is grazed by cattle and on the cliffs of The Isle of Wight. They are a carnivorous species hunting other insects on which they feed. Adults can be seen from late July to October, eggs are deposited in the soil with the females very long ovipositor which is also easy to distinguish the female from the male, the eggs overwinter till late spring when the nymphs hatch.

I have carefully handled these lovely crickets in the past on an open hand without any problems as they are not aggressive but if you try and restrain them in any way they will give a painful bite to escape. As many people have found out like my late uncle on a camping trip in Wales. When I was very young he was collecting the bush crickets in his clapped hand when he shouted “flip-me” he used that word a lot. "I have been bitten" my family fell about laughing and he got a nip a second time which was even funnier. I never forgot and that’s why I have never been bitten. The crickets can also hop and fly short distances and have very long antennae’s, which can be three times the length of its body. I have boxes of transparencies taken over the years of just this species and although I have scanned some I would like some pictures from my digital camera in the future as it is a very impressive cricket and one of my favourite insects.

Bush Cricket pair450w2796

Bush Cricket Male top left and female.

Bush Cricket nymph.