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Burano Island, Venetian lagoon, Northan Italy.

We arranged a visit to the Burano Island famous for lace-making and fishing village with it's multi-coloured houses.
      We agreed to stay on the Island for only half an hour, well on arrival my Wife Daughter and her boyfriend walked through the middle of the main street looking in the shops.         As usual for my photography I disappeared down the many narrow lanes between the houses and canals which are lined with pastel coloured houses.
Because this place is a photographers paradise I ran out of time and then got lost, I was trying to find the exit to the Quayside where my wife was waiting. My Daughter and her boyfriend got on the boat to the glass island and my wife had to sit and wait for me. Usual comments on my phone like "you and your photography" "we get this every time" and "selfish" etc, did not help. She was not very happy with me and I had the boat tickets and it was some time before I found someone who spoke English. By now I was very hot, sweating in the heat and no change for the toilet and very fed up. All I had to do was turn right at the pink house side of the canal, which I passed 2 times walking around the Island. Anyway it was not my fault there was more than half an hours worth of photography on this pretty island. A very beautiful place and I did managed few nice pictures from the short time I spent on the Island.

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