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Brown Argus Andy
Brown Argus 450w5698

Brown Argus Butterfly (Aricia agestis)

This pretty butterfly can be found in colonies on chalk downland and heathland where this butterfly was filmed in the New Forest. Both sexes are brown with a slight blue sheen and orange spots. Often confused with the Common Blue but can be distinguished from the spots on the underwings as the Brown Argus has two spots on the underside of the wing almost forming a "figure of eight" and one spot on the underside of the forewing which the Common Blue has two. Two generations a year in the south only a good year will produce a third. The larvae feed on rock-rose, hemlock stork’s-bill and Dove’s-foot Crane’s-bill. The butterfly larvae when full grown exude a secretion that ants collect so protecting the larvae from parasites, even the pupae are sometimes collected by ants and buried in the earth.

Brown Argus 450h5691
Brown Argus 450h5692