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Chaser Dragonfly Andy

New Forest National Park  03/06/05

Broad-Bodied Chaser Dragonfly (Libellula Depressa)


I always see these lovely dragonflies flying very fast around ponds and lakes when I am out filming in the summer. Males have a blue broad flattened abdomen females have a brown coloured abdomen with two yellow stripes. Both sexes have a dark triangular patch at the base of their wings. I noticed a few of these dragonflies flying around and pitching on these pretty flowers, dragonflies often return to the same resting place. So I set up my camera and waited for one of the dragonflies to return. They seem to trust me after a while and I was rewarded with quite a few nice pictures, the nearest pond with a stream was approximately half a mile away. I have noticed chaser dragonflies flying into a bramble bush sheltering close together, which gave them some protection from predators and the weather.

Dragonfly on Foxglove450h4728