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My first adult female emerged on the 10th May 2015.

British butterfly banner1375

English Swallowtail Butterfly

(Papilio machaon britannicus)

Andy Newman Images©


For filming my British Swallowtail butterflies I needed a large cage. A large pop-up insect tent cage with black netting was over 100. So I purchased a king size white netting mosquito pop-up tent from China, advertised on eBay. Costing only 25 not suitable to use in high winds but ideal for filming butterflies at the weekend. I was surprised the tent had a bottom and three-way zips both sides, a real bargain and you can buy smaller sizes for cots etc. You do not need such a large cage for breeding butterflies but it was ideal for my photography you have to be careful with the netting showing in your pictures though. The rest of the time my butterflies were kept in an Exo Terra Flexarium Reptile Mesh Cage.

I really enjoyed rearing the beautiful Swallowtail Butterflies. Walking up my garden on a dull day and they would open their pretty wings. And when filming would rest on my hand enjoying the sunshine, leaving me memorized by their beauty. From my father showing me pictures of this butterfly in his books when I was a child, to seeing a European Swallowtail feeding on flowers in Spain. And now rearing my own to an adult butterfly is a real privilege, hopefully I will rear them again in the future. I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoyed filming them.


Mosquito tent used for photographing butterflies