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Brighton wheel and visitors entrance.


Seagulls flying in front of Brighton wheel.


Brighton beach and Wheel, view from the Pier.

Brighton Wheel by Andy

Brighton Wheel, beach and Pier in the background.


Visitors playing crazy golf, Brighton wheel an Pier in the background.


Brighton Wheel

The Brighton Wheel which operated from October 2011 until May 2016.

The Brighton Wheel attraction was 50m above sea level and has 36 capsules including one “VIP” capsule for lovely panoramic views of Brighton’s coastline and famous landmarks. The Wheel was originally installed in Paris and in South Africa at the world cup. To bring the wheel to Brighton cost more than 6 million. It was hoped the wheel which is based at Dalton.s Bastion would attract over 250.000 Visitors per year. The Company who own the wheel is Paramount Attractions.


Families on the beach in front of Brighton wheel.


Brighton beach and wheel, view from the Pier.


Ivor The Tarot Consultant set up in a Romany Caravan on Brighton Pier with the Brighton Wheel shown in the background