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Large sub adult

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Brazilian Black Tarantula
(Grammostola pulchra)

FOR SALE - 11/01/2020

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Large sub adult

Young adult Male and Female Brazilian Black Tarantula - Collection only - Eastleigh Hampshire.

130 - pair.   email-

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6cm Juvenile

The Brazilian Black Tarantulas are a very docile species to keep making them popular for beginners and hobbyists. They are closely related to the Chilean Rose Tarantula (Grammostola rosea). A jet black Tarantula which grows to an impressive bulky size and as quoted on the web describing this species size as Tarantula with "an abdomen as big as a chicken egg and a leg span as big a dinner plate". I have reared a pair from very small slings, expect to pay high prices for adults that are not often available especially as collectors like me will not be selling them on.

My spiders are always out in the open so they make a very nice display spider.
I always enjoy feeding time as they are very good feeders, even as young spiders when opening noisy plastic lids of the containers to feed. They would stay out in the open waiting to collect as many crickets as they can carry, even attacking my tweezers. Then when their fangs were full they would run into there flower pots to feed, which is the only time they used the pots provided when small. At 6cm they started to look more like a silky jet-black spider. As large sub-adults these usually slow-moving tarantulas move so fast to catch prey if you blink you miss it. My two spiders have different eating habits one collects its prey and often climbs onto a piece of natural bark I have positioned over a flower pot. It then drops its prey and excitedly covers all its captured prey and the bark in a blanket of silk turning in circles. The first time I witness this I thought it was going to store its food, anyway it then gathers up the fresh prey with its fangs and then eats it prey wrapped. My other spider which is the same size has so far never done this.

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6cm Juvenile

It always amazes me how intelligent these interesting animals are, being so aggressive at feeding time and yet can be so placid when handled. Like the phrase “Don’t bite the hand that feeds you” I remember once when we were having a party I had a few to drink and stupidly grabbed a large tarantula from inside a large flower pot to show it. Not a safe thing to for the spider or handler I cannot even remember what the spider was, probably a Honduran curly hair. I placed the spider onto my other hand and was shocked to see it had fangs full of crickets, for obvious reasons I would normally never hold a spider that was feeding. I returned the spider into its tank and it ran back into its flowerpot, not biting me or giving up its food. Both my Brazilian Blacks spend time digging and moving the substrate around there home, they like to make large crater shaped holes (not burrows) out in the open which they often cover in a fine web and then lay in the dip of the crater with legs stretched out in a relaxed position. This is a slow-growing long-lived Tarantula females have been recorded to live up to 20 years and males also longer than average, two years after maturing. I have been waiting patiently for my pair of Brazilian Blacks to mature to larger spiders for my photography and its been worth the wait I can see what all the fuss is about. They have become my favorite tarantulas having prime spot both having large tanks next to a lovely Mexican Red knee as display spiders in my vivarium. Admiring this beautiful massive very dopy spider resting on my hand while sitting in my garden in the shade of my Acer tree, while drinking a glass of wine is a real joy, not too much wine though.

Temp: (24-28C) Humidity: 60 to 70%.  Habitat: Terrestrial  Growth Rate: Slow.
Origin: Grassland areas of Southern Brazil and Uruguay. Temperament: Docile. Size: Up to 20cm.
Longevity: Females - 20 years. Males 2 Years after maturing.

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