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Bournemouth town and Eye balloon rising in the background.

Bournemouth by Andy

Bournemouth Eye Balloon.


Animated gif created from one photograph.

Bournemouth Eye

Pensioners resting on seat and families walking through lowers gardens. Bournemouth Eye balloon  rising in the background.

This helium-filled Balloon tethered by a steel cable is now a local landmark around Bournemouth and can be seen from miles around as it rises to a height of 120m. Offering spectacular 20 mile panoramic views around Bournemouth including 7 miles of Jurassic Coastline, Pool Harbour and the Isle of Wight.
The balloon is operational during the summer from April till October weather permitting, but can fly in the rain. Located in the Lower Gardens. All I have to do now is go for a ride for some more pictures.


Flowers and the tethered helium observation balloon rising in the lower pleasure gardens.