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Bolderwood by Andy
Deer Sanctuary

My Children watching Deer at Bolderwood and they would say.

 “we are only going with dad if he leaves his camera behind”

I don’t know what they mean.


Family watching Deer at Bolderwood Deer sanctuary.


Wild Deer feeding at Bolderwood Deer sanctuary.


Wild Fallow deer at Bolderwood Deer sanctuary a white Fallow deer can be seen in this picture which is uncommon for this species.

Pine trees in Bolderwood New Forest.

Bolderwood is one of my favorite places situated in the heart of the New Forest. I have fond memories from when I took my wife and young children on picnics to Bolderwood, playing games on the green and showing them the deer in the sanctuary. From a purpose built viewing platform overlooking a large meadow you can view or photograph the herds of deer which often gather in large numbers.
It is not guaranteed to see deer at Bolderwood as the deer are from the surrounding forests and can enter and leave the sanctuary as they please. The herds are fed by the forest rangers regularly from April through September months so they are accustomed to people. It is a wonderful spectacle to see over 50 deer all patiently waiting to be fed by the ranger and great photo opportunity. You do not need powerful lenses or camouflage clothing here. There are also plenty of easy graded walks through Bolderwood Ornamental ancient forests where Giant Redwood and Douglas firs can be seen.
Free car park and toilet facilities are on site. It is a lovely place to visit.

 Forest walks in Bolderwood.


My Children when young enjoying a visit to Bolderwood,Nov 1992.