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Blue Fang Skeleton Tarantula (Ephebopus Cyanognathus)

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4 cm Spiderling.

A popular spider and you can see why even from my spider of 4cm it is colourful. It has a bright neon blue chelicera which is the hair covering its fangs, from which it gets its name. Spiderlings also have a bright green metallic abdomen, brown legs with yellow bands. Females keep their colours till adulthood, males become more brown, losing their vibrancy.  High humidity is critical to this species. They construct impressive burrows which even rise above the ground. I have persuaded mine to make a burrow in an artificial vivarium log, which makes it easier to move during cleaning. A lovely spider to own.

Origin: French Guiana.

Temperature: 21-36c..

Humidity: 70 to 80%.

Habitat: Terrestrial, burrower.

Temperament: Aggressive.

Andy Newman Images©

Blue Fang450w5829

Male Blue Fang Skeleton Tarantula

Blue Fang450w5819


My Spider matured into a male, Pictures above.

Blue Fang450h0011

4 cm Spiderling.

Blue Fang450w5828