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Rayings leading to the Royal Crescent.

It was my wife’s idea to spend a few days in Bath celebrating her special birthday, on the 24th October 2010. On that day we went shopping and visited The royal Crescent and the museum, the Roman Baths and a walk along the river Avon from Pulteney Bridge. I managed to take 200 digital pictures and I was very pleased with the results. I would visit Bath again, it is a very pretty place with  nice shops  and so many interesting attractions to visit. 

I joind 3 seperate pictures to get this picture, and cloned out a few houses that had scafolding in the front.

Circus Couple walking around the one of the three terraces known as the Circus.

Jogger running across the green in front of The Royal Crescent.

The Royal Crescent and the Circus is a  residential area as you can tell from all the cars parked in front of all the buildings which spoilt it for me, but if I was lucky enough to live there I would want to park my car near. The Royal Crescent is a very famous land mark of 30 houses designed in a crescent. Number 1 which was the first house to be built is now a very interesting 18th century museum which we visited. A very grumpy old woman told me not to take any pictures which I guessed anyway, otherwise it was worth viewing. I would have liked to photograph the kitchen because there was a large wheel on the wall with a belt around it wrapped around a smaller wheel. A dog was then placed inside the large wheel to turn the meat over the fire.

Andy Newman Images©