Banded Garden Spider by Andy1
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Banded Garden Spider (Argiope Trifasiciata)

These orb-web spiders are a Mediterranean species I found along the coast of Tenerife. They look more silver with slightly different markings than our British species but must be a close relative with the same characteristic zigzag on the web.

On one of our long walks along the beautiful coasts of Tenerife, I noticed a large colony of orb web spiders resting on webs on low plants overlooking the beach. So the next time my wife was sunbathing, I returned with my compact camera and a set of Vivitar close up lenses. I was in my element, waist deep in the rough vegetation surrounded by spiders. There were hundreds of spiders resting on their webs. I have never seen so many in one place before, but looking around there were not many places for them to make webs as they like low growing plants to spin their webs. It was a more difficult than I thought using close up filters, the Canon G1X is a lovely camera for landscapes which is what I bought it for but its macro is useless. Which is why I Purchased a set of close up lenses. I stayed so long wearing shorts I discovered a small tick between my legs when I returned to England, it was a bit too close for comfort and I hate ticks.